The vampire sleeps a little longer

Hey, do you still remember Vampyr? It's been a while since we last had it here. To forget? Not so bad, it was postponed anyway.
Most recently, we reported on gamescom 2016 about Vampyr. The ambitious "eat the whole district if you want" simulator vampire from Life Is Strange developers DontNod should have been released this year, but it should not be. A technical problem (which has since been solved) has delayed the schedule and therefore the game will not be released until spring 2018.

Far Cry 5 Game Trailer

After several leaks in recent months, Ubisoft has revealed a new trailer for the new Far Cry 5. After the previous game brought players to the Himalayas, this fifth work would take place in prehistoric times, in a wild mammoth and tiger venom where it would exist. Like other parts, Far Cry 5 will be played in FPS (that is in the subjective camera). A product expected to launch in early 2018 on the PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version was released in March 2016.

Link trailer:

Far Cry 5 First Images and Trailer

I'm a big fan of the Far Cry franchise. Far Cry 3 was an awesome open world adventure game where you can hunt, scavenge and survive. Far Cry 4 had its issues but it was still a fun game. We got a first look at the cover of Far Cry 5 and like Far Cry 4, it isn't without controversy.

You'll play a sheriff's deputy in what looks to be in the beautiful backdrop of Montana. You'll be caught up in a war between the US Marshal Service and cult leader, Joseph and his family. They believe that there is an imminent government collapse and that Joseph is the man to lead them into prosperity.

Of course, you might notice a reflection of current events as it's the US people against the US government and it's definitely bound to spark controversies with some groups. There is already a petition to cancel Far Cry 5 (but there are a lot of reports that this is fake). I for one don't really understand the hate. White, supremacist hillbilly's have been villains in pop culture for as long as I can remember. If you've watched the Ttexas Chainsaw Massacre, 1972's Deliverence and even more recently, Resident Evil 7 and Outlast 2, the hill billy types have always been an avenue for terror, so why is this any different?

I'm excited for Far Cry 5 and looking forward to see how they've improved since Far Cry 4.


Hello and welcome to another Dragon Ball ZighterZ video. Today presents a character profile for Android 18.

Android 18 was created by Dr. Gero with the purpose of destroying Goku. But as fate would have it, she ended up turning from Android to human. And from the villain's side, she came over to the hero's side. she did not do this alone. however at her side was always her twin brother Android 17 and in Dragon Ball ZighterZ these two fights together as one. making this a unique character.

Before we even get specials and supers. There's this unique attack that this character can perform by hitting back and a special button. Android 17 comes in and throws some ki blast allowing a teen to move freely while this happens. this is a great way to put some pressure on your opponents from a distance with 17 as you try to get closer with 18.

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Kojima speaks about metal gear survive

Hideo Kojima, the father of the legendary Metal Gear Solid game, finally gave up on Konami's Metal Gear Survive, the first since he left the company last year.

Kojima was interviewed about whether the idea for Survive was his. He answered bluntly, "That has nothing to do with me!" - "That" is an allusion to Konami pulling the zombies into the game.

"Metal Gear has always been about politics and espionage," he added. "So where does the Zombie scene come from?".

But he also said that if he was working on the Metal Gear Survive project, it would be different. "If I do that in the game project, there will definitely be more technical elements," he said.

Konami claims Metal Gear Survive does not cost more than $ 60, but only "close to the price" of the Ground Zeroes at $ 30.

New look of MSN homepage

Visit the MSN portal right now and you'll get a straightforward news site. It's informative, but it's busy, inflexible and doesn't give you easy access to Microsoft services -- a bit odd when it's frequently your initial homepage on a shiny new Windows PC. Thankfully, Microsoft is aware that it needs to shake things up a bit if it wants to keep you coming back. It just launched a preview of a redesigned MSN that it hopes will not only be easier to browse, but should serve as a kind of web-based desktop that lets you accomplish many of your daily tasks.

Visit the website for more information.

Viewster - Free, Legal Movies & TV Shows

Viewster is a legal free online movie website that has thousands of Hollywood and independent movies as well as a limited number of free TV shows.
It's very easy to browse through TV shows and movies at Viewster because you can scroll through them on the homepage.
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Another way to see what free films are available at Viewster is from the homepage. You can sort the movies by latest additions, most viewed, feeling lucky, mixed, or staff picks. These are good ways to browse through the movies so that you don't have to pick a certain genre.

Viewster's Free Streaming TV Shows

While Viewster has plenty of movies to watch, they're rather new to the TV show arena, so there really isn't a huge selection of shows here. You'll find mainly foreign television shows and lesser known shows from the United States.
Watching Viewster on the Go
Viewster has a free mobile app that Android and iOS users can download.
Some devices have the Viewster app pre-installed. Some of those devices are from manufacturers like Roku, Toshiba, Vestel, Western Digital, Asus, Panasonic, Netgear, Samsung, Philips, Sharp, Lenovo, and HP. The full list can be seen here.
See these other free movie apps for additional ways you can watch free movies from your mobile device from other websites like Crackle, Yidio, Popcornflix, and SnagFilms.
Where Viewster Gets Its Movies
Viewster has lots of partners that help them gather content to display on their website.
Some of those partners include STARZ, 20th Century Fox, BBC, and HBO.
System Requirements to Watch Viewster
All modern computers, Internet connections, and web browsers should be fine streaming movies from Viewster, but for the best viewing experience it's recommended that you have a minimum Internet connection of DSL 4000 kbit/s and are running the Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, or Chrome web browser with JavaScript and cookies enabled, along with Adobe Flash Player 9 or newer.


Hell Let Loose is a first-person shooter set during the second world war, and comes in by indie dev team Black Matter Games. The team recently published a new gameplay trailer showing off the MP40, MG42 and an assault on the map Brecourt Manor.

If you want to play a game built from the ground up for PC that covers relentless WW2 action, Black Matter Games has you covered with Hell Let Loose. The game is currently in an alpha state and will soon gain a playable closed alpha come Q1 2018.

After the Q1 2018 closed alpha comes a closed beta in Q2 2018, which is followed by an early access phase that same quarter.

The good news is that the game has passed its Kickstarter phase and has managed to pull in enough funds to feature the map Carentan and bombing strafe runs. The two named features will likely show up in a later build, but a new video showing the current alpha build follows German soldiers against U.S. forces.

The newly posted video covers weapons shown in various screenshots in action, which consist of the Kar98k, MP40, and the MG42. The video also takes other perspectives around the Brecourt Manor to show off the map at its finest.

Memorize Fast and Easily

If you want to remember everything quickly and easily, today's article will help you know the secret. So do not skip this article!
You remember information in two main ways – as words, using your verbal memory, or as pictures, using your visual memory. They're different mental processes and they achieve dramatically different results. People never believe how absolutely crazy the difference is, so here's a challenge for you and you can prove it for yourself.

First, let's test your verbal memory. I'll give you a list of ten words and let's see how many you're able to remember.
Here we go:


Ok, imaging and write down all the words you can remember. How'd you go? If you're like the average person, you were able to recall about five to seven words, not necessarily in the right order.

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